Sani-Trax Matting

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Title: Sani-Trax
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Sani-Trax Matting 

Application: at doorways, starter rooms, packaging areas, laboratories, employee locker rooms, break rooms, refuse areas and receiving rooms-any place where the spread of contamination needs to be limited.

Product Detail: this mat cleans and sanitizes shoes, recommended at entrances to all food processing areas. Thousands of flexible fingers provide an automatic scrubbing action that dislodges contaminants from footwear. As traffic passes, rubber tips bend under pressure to immerse soles in a disinfectant solution, a double-action that keeps contamination from reaching food
processing areas. Convenient mat size fits most doorways. Suction cups on the underside prevents the mat from shifting. Thick surrounding border stands >0,635 cm higher than finger-scrapers to contain liquid disinfectant. Mat holds 4½ litres of disinfectant solution.

Sizes: 61 x 81cm 

Thickness: 19mm

Colour: black

Materials: 100% tough natural rubber compound

Weight: 10.8kg per m²

Lead time: 5 days

Additional Information:

  •  free of DOP, free of DMF, free of ozone-depleting substances, free of
    silicone and free of heavy metals.

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