Aluminium Mat, 47 x 65cm

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This compact all-purpose aluminium mat with ribbed scrapper carpet designed to be surface mounted at your threshold. Our mat features an anti-noise and anti-slip backing due to PE-foam coating on the base of the mat. Safely accessible due to the built-in aluminium ramped edging.  

Product Dimensions: 47 x 65cm

Aluminium Profile and Frames
Warp resistant aluminium profile (alloy ENAW 6060-T66) for fully supported laying on plane floor, built-on frame with ramped edges for safe accessibility.
Spec.: UV-resistant, fine-ribbed polypropylene, slip resistance properties  R11 conforming to DIN 51130 (German Industrial Standard), fire-resistant Cfl-s1 confirming to  DIN 13501-1 (German Industrial Standard).
Slip resistance and noise reduction due to bonded PE-foam.
Profile Spacing: 5 mm.
Profile:  Open construction to allow for natural drainage 

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