Are you one of the many people across Ireland who has installed wood decking to your outdoor or patio area? Wood looks beautiful and natural, no doubt, but unfortunately during the wet winter months you might find it becomes slippy and hazardous, especially with falling leaves or mildew growth. In this type of environment, decking can become slippery and glassy, which can be incredibly dangerous - particularly for the very young or old.

There are numerous ways you can tackle the problem, and advice ranges from covering your decking with chicken wire to coating it with a painted gritty finish. However many of the solutions touted have problems of their own (chicken wire is uncomfortable underfoot and can get caught, break and cause trip hazards, while coating your decking is hard work and might not prevent slipping in extreme weather) and might only offer a temporary fix..

For a more permanent solution it’s possible to use rubber matting to cover your decking during the winter months/bad weather. A product such as Domino Exterior Matting provides a comfortable, slip-resistant surface that is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Several mats can be joined together to cover almost any area, and you can even add coloured brushes to the matting to further increase its performance and create unique designs.

The open construction of Domino matting allows for drainage, and Domino is simple to install over your decking - and take back up again when the weather improves - year after year. Rubber provides great traction, even in icy and snowy conditions and is extremely durable so will last well over time.

It’s an easy solution to an increasingly common problem.



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