PVC Wall Strip with Adhesive Backing

Width: 150mm
Color: White
Quantity: 4 Lengths per pack
€480 Ex. VAT

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Wall Strips are designed to offer impact protection against damage caused by both pedestrian and wheeled traffic, such as trolleys, wheelchairs, hospital beds, carts and other mobile equipment. They help reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall aesthetics of a building and are ideal for use in a wide range of environments including education, healthcare, commercial, retail, hospitality and leisure environments.

• Designed to protect against rubs and scuffs in areas such as waiting rooms, accommodation, classrooms and canteens which is typically caused by chairs, tables and other movable objects

Width option: 150mm or 200mm 

Unit length: 4 meter units per pack: 4 units per pack 

Installation: Mark a level-line, remove the adhesive tape cover, present to the wall and secure to the wall allowing the adhesive to hold.  

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