Skywalker PUR

Size: 65 x 95cm
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Skywalker PUR 

Application: suitable for medium-duty dry areas. These mats are loose laid. 

Product Detail: ergonomically designed bubble surface provides sure footing and fatigue relief. Made from high quality polyurethane foam for ultimate comfort. Its key characteristic of high thermal insulation performance is owed to a uniform closed cell structure wherein gas remains trapped. Integral skin adds to the compression force deflection properties (>120 according to ASTM 3574C), provides resistance to wear and is non-porous. Unique workplace mat guarantees optimal ergonomic effects in stationary standing positions. All four sides have bevelled edges to minimize tripping hazards.

Sizes: 65 x 95cm, 65 x 140cm, 65 x 185cm, 95 x 125cm, 95 x 155cmm, 95 x 185cm

Thickness: 14mm

Colour: grey

Materials: high quality polyurethane foam

Weight: 4.8kg per m ²

Lead time: delivery in 5-7 working days

Additional Information:

  • slip resistant (rating R11 according to DIN 51130 and BG-rule BGR181)
  • resistant to temperature changes (-40°C, +80°C)
  • environmental friendly, produced without use of organic
    carbon-based blowing agents, therefore free of Freon
  • made by Notrax

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