Skywalker HD™ Series

Title: Skywalker HD
Size: 91 x 91cm
Color: Black
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Skywalker HD™ Series

Application: Heavy duty - dry industrial areas

Product Detail:  Heavy duty rubber tiles of 91 cm x 91 cm can be easily assembled for coverage of large areas or individual work stations. Ergonomic benefit derived from a 13 mm thick worker platform with a bubble pattern for maximum fatigue relief in dry industrial environments.

The unique design and craftsmanship make the mat easy to handle and easy to install on site. A tooled grid of 30 cm x 30 cm sections on the underside of the mat makes further customization quick and easy. Attachable bevelled edges prevent tripping and allow inside and outside corners.


Skywalker HD™

  • 100% natural rubber compound
  • General purpose applications

Skywalker HD™ Nitrile

  • 100% nitrile rubber compound
  • Resistant  to most industrial oils

Skywalker HD™ ESD

  • Static dissipative natural rubber compound
  • Meets IEC61340-4-1 (category DIF), 

    measured resistance Rg 106 - 109 Ω, Rp 106 - 109 Ω

Skywalker HD™ ESD FR

  • Static dissipative 100% nitrile rubber compound

  • MeetsIEC61340-4-1(categoryDIF),measured resistance

    Rg106 -109 Ω,Rp106 -109 Ω

  • Fire classification Bfl-S1 tested according to EN13501-1

  • Resistant to most industrial oils and suitable for

    welding areas

Skywalker HD™ FR

  • 100% nitrile rubber compound

  • Fire classification Bfl-S1 tested according to EN13501-1

  • Resistant to most industrial oils and suitable for

    welding areas

Sizes: 91 x 91cm 

Thickness: 13mm

Colour: black

Materials: heavy duty rubber compound

Weight: 10kg per mat

Lead time: delivery in 5-7 working days from order

Additional Information:

  • Slip resistance R9 according to DIN51130.

  • free of DOP, free of DMF, free of ozone depleting substances, free of silicone and free of heavy metals.
  • made by Notrax



  • Skywalker HD™ Safety Ramp Nitrile male and female attachable bevels 91 cm, black or yellow
  • Skywalker HD Yellow™ Safety line for marking safety barriers, working zones, walkways and safety lines.
  • Skywalker HDi-Curve™ and o-Curve™ series of wedge shaped mats are compatible for creating finished edges, rounded corners, S-curves and full circles. Available in the matching 5 rubber compounds.

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