Footfall Retail Safe Mat

Size: 1 Linear Metre
Color: Anthracite
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Footfall Retail Safe Mat

Features and Benefits

  • Footfall Retail Safe backing system keeps the mat flat and in place even with extreme traffic.

  • Adhesive backing system with moisture barrier keeps liquids from soaking through to the floor.

  • Very low profile reduces tripping hazard.

  • Highly absorbant, keeps floors clean and safe. 

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Will perform up to 3 months under normal use.




               Fiber Type


Non-Woven PET (Polyester)

             Backing Type

Releasable adhesive


540 g/m²


1,9 mm


91 cm x 30,48m 


Moisture Barrier



Polyester Film



  • Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
  • Water Retention: 38 liters per roll
  • Certified High Traction by the NFSI


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