Anti-Fatigue Mat, Comfort

Size: 84 x 139cm
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Comfort Anti Fatigue Mats

Application: specially designed for safety, comfort and protection in areas where people stand for prolonged periods (check-out stations, service counters, assembly lines, behind bars - anywhere where people need physical support to keep motivation and energy levels up)

Product Detail: manufactured from premium quality nitrile rubber, these mats are water resistant, resilient to impact and easy to clean on site by hosing or through industrial laundry process. They also resist oil and solvents, while reducing noise at work.

Sizes: 84 x 60cm, 15 working days, 84 x 139cm, in stock, delivery 1-2 working days.

Thickness: 8mm

Colour: black

Materials: 100% nitrile rubber

Weight: 3100 gms/m²

Additional Information:

  • unique cushion and ergonomic properties
  • patented rubber construction
  • anti-static and static dissipative 
  • closed construction 
  • impervious to chemicals and oil-based products
  • industrially washable in a laundry or hose down on site

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