Bunded Contamination Control Mats (x2) with Large Safety Mat Package

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Product Package:

2 x Bunded disinfectant mats

1 x Large scraper mat with 3mm rubber safety backing 

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Reduce the ingress of foot and wheel borne contamination by installing a bunded contamination control mat with large drying zone at high traffic entrances.

Bunded Contamination Control Mat

  • Designed as an effective footbath with disinfectant solution
  • Indoor and under canopy applications
  • Depth of the mat allows for containment of  disinfectant solution
  • Easy to clean
  • Dimensions: 60x100cm Thickness: 15mm  Colour: Black
  • Disinfectant not supplied.

Large Scraper Mat

  • Create an effective drying zone to absorb moisture from footwear and wheels.
  • Large 2 meter squared scrapper mat with mottled fabric design. 
  • Rubber 3mm safety backing is designed to reduce mat migration and create a safety matting system.
  • Effective at entrances for reducing the spread of contamination through to critical areas.
  • Dry mat dimensions: 2 x 2 meter with 3mm rubber safety backing.

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