Are you tired of having to paint your walls due to wear and tear marks and abrasion?

Footfall supply and install a range of Gradus wall protection products for healthcare, education, hospitality and any location where there is heavy traffic in public areas.  The Sanparrel rubrails are an ideal solution to protect the area of your wall where there is most wear and tear.

Gradus InPro R6 rubrails are cut from Sanparrel PVC-u protective sheet and bevelled on the top and bottom edges for a smooth and neat finish. They are through coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion.

Rubrails are a cost effective solution for medium duty protection of entire wall lengths or surfaces exposed to impact and abrasion. They can also be used to protect walls behind items such as tables and chairs to prevent damage occurring from furniture movement

Rubrails can be installed in conjunction with other wall protection products e.g. corner guards to ensure optimum protection for your walls


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