New Doorpull, The Hands Free Solution

New guidelines on returning to work will create a change of operations for all business in the coming weeks ahead. Workspace and office hygiene is a priority listed by the HSE. Guidelines list includes; the minimum twice daily clean down, frequency of hand cleaning stations, clear workstations and staff movement guidelines ( i.e. one-way systems). The door handle is now seen as a potential cross-contaminating tool shared by all. Footfall has developed the Doorpull the hands-free solution, designed for easy installation and manufactured from Stainless Steel. The foot-operated door openers can be installed on latch free door providing an ergonomic and sleek finish. 

The Doorpull can be purchase directly from our online, the pack includes a pair of Doorpulls, installation instructions, Fixing screws and door safety decals. Link: Order Online

Footfall, Doorpull Pack  

Author: Richard Mayne

Richard Mayne

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