Did you know that anti-fatigue mats can significantly increase comfort to operatives who stand for prolonged periods of time?

Anti-fatigue matting is specially designed to reduce the fatigue experienced by employees who need to stand for lengthy periods of time as part of their job.  Anti-fatigue matting alleviates foot pressure and stimulates blood circulation to help reduce stress on the lower back, legs and major muscles. Anti-fatigue matting is ideal for factories, manufacturing, food service and food preparation – any application that requires workers to stand for prolonged periods.

Anti-fatigue mats are also slip-resistant, oil resistant and wear resistant, providing greater safety and durability. They can also provide comfort and relief from cold/damp floor conditions, and suitable for a variety of applications.

Types of anti-fatigue matting:

  • Wet area anti-fatigue matting
  • Dry area anti-fatigue matting
  • Oily/greasy area anti-fatigue matting
  • Cleanroom anti-fatigue matting
  • Food service/retail anti-fatigue matting
  • ESD anti-fatigue matting (conductive and static dissipative mats)
  • Welding/swarf anti-fatigue matting
  • Switchboard anti-fatigue matting
  • Lab/pharmacy anti-fatigue matting
  • Agriculture anti-fatigue matting
  • Surgical anti-fatigue matting
  • Sit/Stand desk workstation anti-fatigue matting


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