Footfall for Heuston

Footfall supplied and installed a high performance Milliken Obex Forma mat to Irish Rail for Heuston Station’s main entrance.  Obex matting is modular with 20cm tiles securely interconnecting to build a mat of any size.  The fabric inserts (pictured) are ammonite grey, one of a range of eight serviceable colours. It has a mottled effect which works to camouflage soiling while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Obex absorption properties helps reduce foot borne moisture from reaching the finished floor surface beyond the mat.  Working alongside the fabric inserts are heel safe reservoirs which prevent grit, silica and organic material from crossing the mat and entering the station.   

Obex Forma is equally effective when surface mounted (often a retrofit within an existing building) or recessed within a matwell. When surface mounting it can be easily fitted using high specification anodised safety trims.

This mat provides optimum performance within Heuston Station, one of Irelands busiest transport hubs.  Many commuters pull wheeled luggage.  Uniquely Obex Forma is almost silent when transited by wheeled luggage, unlike some aluminium based mats which generate reverberate sound.

Another advantage of Obex matting is that templating is not required thus eliminating the risk of expensive errors.  Obex Forma mats are cut and fitted on site ensuring a perfect fit and finish.  Individual damaged tiles can be easily replaced so, unlike other matting systems, this mat can be easily maintained in a near new condition.

Irish Rail has made an excellent choice installing Obex, a workhorse matting product, tried and tested on the market for over 18 years.

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