Flexi-Tile 10

Flexi-Tile 10 is ideal for floors that need to withstand additional pressures including forklifts, pallet trucks and transport of heavy loads.

With quick and easy installation, Flexi-Tile 10 tiles are the no.1 option for coverage of larger floor surfaces such as factories, warehouses and distribution centres.
Flexi-Tile will brighten up your chosen area and offer the perfect solution to dust and dirt caused by cracked and damaged concrete or epoxy flooring. The loose lay system means Flexi-Tile tiles are also ideal for areas that are plagued by sub-floor dampness, due to their unique breathable properties.
As a result of slightly larger surface dimensions (53cm x 53cm), Flexi-Tile 10 tiles are often used for larger projects, such as major retail and industrial production facilities. Quickly installed on practically any surface, the Flexi-Tile 10 is a durable
and hassle free option.

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