Footfall, Anti-Fatigue Mat, Silver

Sit-stand workstation anti-fatigue matting. Standing desks encourage you to stand up and move around while you work. An ergonomic, standing desk anti-fatigue mat is designed to provide comfort and relief when standing. It's the most durable, practical ergonomic mat in the world. 

  • The closed-cell / non-porous surface allows for easy wash down / cleaning
  • Anti-static properties
  • Cleanroom ISO Class 5 (100)
  • Silicone & latex-free
  • Not only anti-fatigue but also actual ergonomic benefits     
  • Unique ergonomic designs, eliminating and preventing common problems encountered in standing environments stimulating the body to increase blood circulation and alertness that will reduce sick leave, workers’ compensation and quality issues.     
  • Solid mat throughout; no hollow bubbles that collapse

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    Author: Richard Mayne 

    Richard Mayne

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