The true cost of entrance matting is not what you pay for the product but what it can save you in actual cleaning and maintenance costs over its lifetime. 3M's new Nomad Aqua Series Textile Entrance Matting gives you longer lasting floor protection at a lower total cost, by stopping up to 80% of dirt and moisture at the door.

Nomad Aqua Series is the latest evolution in 3M's innovative range of high performance entrance matting, developed and refined over 30 years.

The mat's tried and tested dual-fibre loop system traps dirt and absorbs moisture more effectively than conventional matting. And it goes on worker harder for longer too, providing lasting protection for your floors, your company image, your staff and customers - and your bottom line.

Ideal for use in offcies, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets, it's more cost-effective over time than rental matting, and kinder on the environment. Flexible and easy to install, is also comes in a choice of colours and sizes to fit any decor or traffic level. 

  • Traps more dirt and moisture than conventional entrance matting
  • Maintains a clean, welcoming entrance
  • Reduces danger of slips, trips and potential claims
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance bills
  • Protects floors from wear and tear
  • Kinder on the environment
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Lower total cost


OFFER - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Buy 2 Aqua Series 65 Mats in select sizes and colour during November & December 2015 and get another free.

3M™ Nomad™ Aqua Series 65 Drop Down Matting

  • Suitable for medium traffic volumes
  • Superior fine dirt and moisture removal
  • Excellence appearance retention
  • Phthalate-free, slip resistant PVC backing
  • Long lasting easy to clean


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3m™ nomad™ aqua series