Notrax® offers the perfect solution for standing workers because, like no other producer of mats, we understand the difference of perception of workers as well as the varieties of workplace conditions that exist as well as the variety of workplace designs for individual work benches, to large assembly lines or complex manufacturing work stations.

Work place environments can vary from dry areas to wet or extremely oily areas. Plus specialized industries may need additional properties such as fire retardant matting for welding, static dissipative matting for Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, anti-microbial for food industry applications.

Notrax® matting is designed take the physical size and preferences of the worker into account to provide the right balance between softness for comfort and hardness for stability, traction for anti-slip while allowing freedom of movement. Notrax® matting is available in standard sizes, linear lengths, rolls, interlocking modular systems, and custom sizes in any form or shape that you can imagine. That is the advantage of working directly with the manufacturer.

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