Through this blog we've previously demonstrated how wonderful logo mats are and how they can help to promote your business and strengthen your brand. However, what we haven't yet brought to your attention is the appeal of the simple yet effective Message Mat.

Essentially Message Mats are the same high quality product as logo mats only with a generic design rather than a custom one. Message Mats are ideal for communicating an important message to visitors or information about a specific location, while also capturing dirt and moisture to protect your floors, and reduce slips/ accidents. There are usually a variety of themes available including image only, or image and message mats (with both bilingual and English-only text), and the mats are perfect for coffee shops, bakeries, grocery stores, pharmacies and a range of other applications without having to go to the trouble of designing your own logo. Just simply choose a message mat design and place your order. 

In terms of quality, Message Mats rival logo mats in that they are made from nylon 6.6 yarn, with 100% nitrile rubber backing and have compression molded reinforced borders on all 4 sides. This means that the mats are durable, washable and long-lasting. They will protect your floors by absorbing spills and trapping moisture and grit brought in on shoes/boots. The nitrile rubber backing (we can't tell you enough how much we revere nitrile rubber!) is extremely tough and hard-wearing, and is slip and wrinkle resistant. It also comes in heavy-duty 3mm style, for the ultimate in hold and durability

So if you're looking for a way to brighten up a lobby, counter or retail area, or send an important message to your visitors, look no further than a Message Mat. An ideal method of communicating with your customers, while protecting your floors and improving floor safety. 




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