Here at the Footfall Mat Warehouse we spend a lot of our time scrutinising floors and entrances. This doesn’t just happen during the working day. Oh no! We like to examine entrances and floors during our spare time too, much to the amusement of our family and friends. We simply cannot pass an entrance without conducting a quiet review, and thinking about the ways in which we could improve it. I suppose you could call us matting geeks… a moniker we really don’t mind as we’re extremely proud to be specialists in the matting field, and we admit we get a real kick out of matching up our customers with the right product and knowing what a difference that product has made to the look, functionality or safety of their business.


You see, the right entrance mat will:

  • make your entrance safer – reducing slips and falls for staff and customers
  • be more inviting – having a clean, neat and uniform entrance draws people in
  • help to prolong the useful life of your floor, by stopping silica, grit and moisture at the door
  • be cost effective over other matting solutions
  • be easy to maintain and repair, ideally without having to replace the whole mat

So don’t just choose any old mat for your entrance. A mat is not just a mat. Be selective, let us assess your needs and show you what the right entrance matting can do for you.

There are a good many reasons why we are Ireland’s leading entrance matting provider, not least of all because we have over 25 years of matting experience, work with the best suppliers and have a huge range of products ex. stock. We have the experience, the products and the know-how to create the ideal entrance matting solution for you.

Call us today and see how the right entrance matting can make a huge difference to your business.

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