Mat Warehouse have a large selection of mats for your home that are in stock and ready to be dispatched. Whether you need an entrance mat to stop water and grit from coming into your home, a mat to absorb water spills in your kitchen or bathroom, or simply a colourful door mat to brighten up an entrance, Mat Warehouse has a solution for you. 

From Coir coconut fibre mats to exterior matting, to heavy-duty options, we have something to suit almost every floor and home.

What a good mat can do for you today:

  • a nice mat will make your entrance look neater and more inviting 
  • a quality mat at your entrance will help keep your floors cleaner - which means less housework and flooring that lasts longer!
  • mats will make your entrance safer by absorbing moisture and spills to reduce nasty slips and falls on rainy days
  • a mat can even be used to contain spills/water in the kitchen, bathroom, or even from your pet's bowl
  • a bright mat will add more colour and ambiance to your home

With entrance mats for the home starting from only €8.00 (+VAT) why not revamp your matting today and make your home a cleaner and safer place to be. 


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