Installing effective entrance matting will prolong the useful life of finished floor surfaces within a building. It will lower your space cleaning cost and reduce the potential for slip, trips and falls for your staff and the general public alike.

Zero accidents

Zero accidents are becoming not just a mode of operation but a prerequisite in managing today’s multinationals.

Entranceways are inherently dangerous places for slips, trips and falls. In heavy traffic zones people are often funnelled through comparatively small entrances. This results in reduced visibility, so when an obstacle is in the path of a person in a busy entrance environment it can lead to a trip scenario.

For the most part industry is privy to the identity of those entering its buildings and this is in contrast to those entering public spaces for example shopping centres and public transport hubs. Such anonymity can facilitate professional trippers and bring you towards a claim for compensation from the affected party.

Settlement of a claim is usually adjacent to the court house and by negotiation between the insurance company and the injured party. Leading up to this conclusion is a raft of expensive management time. The claim is then finalised with a relatively loose compensation guideline and poor definition when compared with our UK and European neighbours.

So how can you improve entrances and health and safety within your building?

Eliminate anything moveable on your floor surface at, or in proximity to your entrance. Install an adequate amount of fixed matting in to your building. If the cost of these measures is prohibitive, just make phases of investments until you know that you have installed an adequate level of protection.

If you are in any doubt at all as to your threshold safety, then your intuition may be correct.

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