Sanitising Mat

Colour: Yellow
Size: 85 x 225cm
€325 Ex. VAT


The Sanitising Mat provides an all-in-one solution for safely sanitising shoes. It features a mat inserted into the profile to hold a preferred liquid sanitiser, followed by an absorbent carpeted section to help remove any excess moisture from shoes.

Standard size mat with insert: 85 x 225cm

Insert pack available - Insert Pack

Features and Benefits

  • Available in three designs.
  • The insert serves as a splash guard and helps dislodge any dirt or debris from the bottom of shoes so the fluid can reach the entire sole surface.
  • Each mat includes one insert; additional inserts are available in packs of four.
  • The well holds one insert and approximately 2,5 litre of sanitising solution (not included). Compatible with most sanitising/disinfecting solutions.
  • Works best with quaternary ammonium and hydrogen peroxide sanitising solutions

Footfall, Sanitising Mat

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