PLB Linebacker Cable Management System

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Linebacker Cable Management Systems

  • Protects cables and hoses up to 5.7 cm outside diameter (dependent on number of channels)
  • Load capacity 3 channel: 6,446kg (14,210 lbs) per tire / 12,892 kg (28,420 lbs) per Axle.
  • Load capacity 5 channel: 9,140kg (20,150 lbs) per tire / 18,280 kg (40,300 lbs) per Axle.
  • Patented T-Connectors to extend to any length
  • Reinforced hinged lid for easy cable placement
  • All-weather polyurethane construction
  • Patented 5-bar tread surface for maximum traction
  • Easy to transport, setup, disassemble, and store
  • Ideal to use in Oil & Gas applications, Mining, Military, and Other Industrial Environments with Heavy Trucks and Forklifts
  • Available in 3, and 5 channels


Product Description

LINEBACKER® models are the most compact top-loading cable protectors on the market. These protectors provide a safe and easy crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, while still maintaining a high load-bearing capacity for heavy equipment. Use these cable protectors on cables up to 5.7 cm tall and 5.7 cm wide. The Linebacker models are available with a choice of right or left turn connectors, and end caps.

  • Weight: 10kg - 12.7kg
  • Load Capacity:  9,526 - 18,280 kg/axle (dependent on channel number)

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