Social Distancing Printed Carpet Tiles - Set In Concrete

Design: Arrow
Colour: Yellow
Quantity: 1 Tile
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New digitally printed carpet tiles with COVID-19 safety signs. Designed to integrate into existing office carpet seamlessly. The carpet tile (50 x 50cm) can be inserted into the existing office floor at any location. The digital printing provides defined lines and sharp text images to produce the cleanest safety message to a commercial carpet tile on the market today.  When conforming to a new one-way office procedure, carpet tile signs are the safest flooring product to install. Quick and easy to install, remove the existing tile (50 x 50cm) and replace with the new Social Distancing Tile.


  • Clear floor signage printed to commercial carpet tiles
  • Seamless integration with existing carpet tiles
  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates the requirement of stickers on carpet
  • Carpet tiles will not move when installed correctly 
  • No change to the cleaning procedure 

Each box has 22 tiles per unit.

  Yellow Range

Location of signs:

Arrow: one way systems, new office layouts, corridors, left-hand sidewalk routes 

2M Distancing: Reception lobbies, Lift lobbies, Office reminders throughout the workspace 

Hands Washing: Hand washing stations, entry to bathrooms 

Workspace Distancing: End on work desks, behind office chairs,  repeated throughout the office 

Product Details: 

Unit Price: €16 

Tiles dimension: 50 x 50cm 

Depth: 8.5mm (standard backing) 

Tiles per box: 22 tiles (Coverage 5.5m2)

Lead time: 10 days 

Enquiries please contact Footfall

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