Sports Hall Protective Floor Covering Tiles

Size: 300m2
Color: Grey
€8,100 Ex. VAT

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Sports Hall Protect Floor Covering Tiles are the solution to protect your sports hall floor when converting to an exam hall, classroom, socially distance space or non-sports function. Protective flooring tiles can be installed for events to cover and protect the surface of your gym floor from chair, desk or shoe damage.
  • Easy to handle, lay down, remove and store
  • Tile dimension: 2000 x 1000mm
  • Standard colour: Graphite
  • Colour options available - Graphite Grey
  • Backing will not mark existing flooring
  • Easy to clean with easy drying capabilities or replace tiles
  • Minimum order quantity of 300 meters squared
  • Trolley system optional 
  • Delivered directly to your location 
  • Onsite training available
  • Lead time 4 weeks from order 

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